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The Three Pillars For Good Health

To make sure that we are in good health, it is important that we focus on the things that contribute the most to it. Good nutrition gives the body what it needs to function properly, which in turn gives us the energy we need to exercise. Exercise helps the body to train motor skills, and more importantly build and tone muscle. At the end of it all, good rest puts the body in a state where it can repair itself, making it stronger and giving it the energy to face every new day.

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Mexico Farm: Worms at Work

At Rancho El Petacal in Jalisco, Mexico, one of three Amway owned certified organic farms, when you stand very still and listen carefully, you can hear … munching. Who is doing the munching? Worms.

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Nutrilite Unlocks The Power of Plant Protein For All

Found in every single cell in the body, protein contains amino acids which are important building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, hair and blood.

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Achieving Optimal Health, Naturally

Optimal health isn’t just about being physically fit, but also concerns our mental and social well-being. So how can we achieve and maintain optimal health, naturally?

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